3 Reasons why running a Niche site the best Side Job

3 Reasons why running a Niche site the best Side Job

Working a second job might not be on your radar at all. But nothing in life is sure, if nothing else that is what the economic crisis of 2008 taught us. Not even your steady contract at work is safe if the shit hits the fan. At any time you might be fired or get stuck at home with no income at all.

Even if there is no other crisis impending wouldn’t you want to have some “guaranteed” income if you lose your job and cannot find another fast enough? So getting a side job now would be ideal.

To me the perfect side job, or side hustle, is running an affiliate niche website. ( If you are not sure what affiliate marketing is, read this article too.) And I will explain why below.


If you are getting a second job in a restaurant, store, call center or as a guard for instance you are expected to be there at certain hours and usually this means in the evenings, nights or weekends. This will wreak havoc with your social life. Not to mention if something comes up, you can’t just not go to work. If you are having trouble sleeping, you can’t just show up to work and put in a few hours.

Running a niche site means, that whenever you have a little time to spare you can work. You can get up an hour early everyday and write a blog post before you start your day job. You can use your lunch break to promote your content on social and after work you can use 30 minutes to do some keyword research or write an email to your list.

The best thing is, you are only accountable to yourself, so if one night you suddenly have to babysit your cousin or you have a recital to go to, you can totally skip work. And your site will continue to work for you. Once it’s up and running it can make you money when you aren’t even behind the computer. Or better yet, while you are sleeping.


If you build a niche site in a niche you are really passionate about, you will be an expert or most certainly after running it for a while you will become one. Because of your expertise, it will be easier to keep creating content and as you site grows, so will your readership, your list and your income.

In the beginning you will monetize your site through affiliate marketing, but as you can more site views, you could also start adding banner ads through MediaVine or Google Ads and start earning from that too.

When people start to find you, you can expect companies to pay you to post on your social channels or to create sponsored blog post on your website. The bigger and more targeted your audience, the more you stand to make from options like this. Advertising can make you a decent amount of money.

As you attain expert status, there is one thing you can do to boost your income even more. Start creating your own products, like eBooks, courses or retreats. (Side note: I’d love to host a retreat some day) If that is not enough for you, as an expert in your field you could also start making money as a coach/consultant.

And to think that this all started with a niche website.

Low Start Up Costs

I have totally saved the best reason for last. You may have considered starting a business for yourself before, but the start-up costs have deterred you. I know it certainly has for me numerous times. I don’t want to spend a big chunk of my budget on an office or a storefront and I definitely don’t want to carry inventory.

Working online means you don’t need an office. Your website is your office. Your website is your business card. And a website is not expensive at all. You can get a domain (www.domain.com) at an average of $15 per year and hosting can range from $5/mo to $25/mo per website.

All you have to do is install WordPress, get a nice looking theme and start creating content.

If you want you can get a really nice theme, which will cost you anywhere between $25 lifetime to $299 lifetime (Divi by Elegant Themes).

Leave the logo, leave the business cards, leave the fancy designs. Leave it all for later. First just build out the website, then design it. Content is key!

One other thing you may wish to invest in is a autoresponder. You can go the free route, via Mailchimp, but I found that Convertkit was much easier to set up and run than Convertkit. It will cost you more per month, but it will save you in time. And to me time is worth a lot more.

Want to build your site the right way, so that Google becomes your yellow pages and drives traffic to your site, invest a little money in some training. I highly recommend signing up for Wealthy Affiliate, as they offer hosting, domains, unlimited emails, up to 50 websites (in case you really get the hang of this thing) and in depth affiliate marketing training for $49/mo. To me it’s totally worth it. (Read my article “10 Reasons I love WA” to see why I think the monthly fee is worth it)

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  1. Hello,

    I think for most of us, 1 career is taxing enough but when you highlight financial security or at least our incomes being supplemented by a secondary income, how can this not be appealing. You have mentioned a number of products such as those related to design layout and automating mail service, in your opinion, are these necessary from the start or at what stage should one start considering these as necessary?

    Thanks for info.


    1. Hi Rich,

      No, most are not necessary to start with. As I mentioned in the paragraph ” Low start up costs” all you really need to start is a domain and hosting. I would highly recommend training, so you know that you are doing it right. The email automation and design of the website can come later! First the content, make some money and then invest in the rest.

      I feel with the economy being as brittle as it is, it’s only a matter of time before another crash is coming and it might hit you where it hurts, your steady paycheck. Having a site like this, would then be ideal as it may just be what saves you when you do loose your job.

      Even if you never loose your job, could you imagine if this turns out to make more money than your regular job with less working hours? Sign me up right now! 🙂

  2. Great Post! I know that you are 100 percent correct. It is almost a necessity to have a side job especially these days. The unexpected cost in life are often the ones that can knock you off your feet. Like you say having your own website is very flexible. Once it is self sustaining (sort of) it can make you money even if you don’t have electricity to log in for a few hours!

    Niche websites also make sense. Rather standing far back and throwing darts at many boards hoping to hit one, you stand closer and hit one board consistently.

    1. Absolutely, Renton. Building a niche site might not generate the big bucks right away, but once it starts generating income, it can only go onward and upward. If you build it now and loose your job in a year from now, you will have a better chance of making it a success, then if you lose your job next year and then try to build it.

  3. Yeah I can agree. it works like a vending machine. you can set it up and let it run anytime all day all night even when you sleep. Just hope that sales will come from time to time. If need a boost, you can turn on the pay per click advertising. more people will come to the website.

    1. Absolutely Kit, if you are worried about launching to crickets or not getting enough visitors to your content you can always create some Facebook Ads to get more eyeballs on your content (and hopefully more sales)

  4. Nice one

    1. Thanks Yahya!

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