I know that the idea of building a niche site up to where it can actually earn you money can seem very daunting. That is a lot of content to write, a lot of research to do and a lot of time to wait before you can actually pick the fruits of your labor.

So more likely than not you will be thinking about a short cut. Is there a short cut?

Yes, there is indeed a short cut. You can purchase an existing affiliate niche site or have it build for you. But you have to really be careful where you spend your money. You’ll want to make sure that what you buy is actually good.

Buying an existing site

When you buy an existing site you will want to make sure that everything that is on there is of excellent quality. Some sites that are being sold can have a lot of posts, but quantity doesn’t mean quality.

See how the site is currently ranking, what the current visitor numbers are and if the owners are currently making money from it. Then ask why the site is being sold, because that might be a tip-off that something may not be exactly right.

Important to note is that if a site is already making money, you can safely assume that under normal circumstances you should be able to make money from it too. However this will make the price for the website a lot higher, than a site that is not making any money yet.

You can head over to Flippa.com to see what’s available. Buying a site there can just mean you get lucky. All sales are auctions, so you might loose out on a listing or pay more than you were planning to just to snap it up. If the buy it now price is reasonable, consider it.

But my top recommendation would be going over to Human Proof Designs and getting one of their Aged Sites. This basically means that the site has been build with quality content, written to rank and that is older than 6 months. Generally speaking you can run into issues with Google, when you have a new website. If it’s older than 6 months you’ll have bypassed the “Google Sandbox” and are ready to roll.

The owner of Human Proof Designs is also a Wealthy Affiliate Member and uses everything WA teaches to build his websites. He has a team that writes the content and does the research according to the steps laid out in WA, plus with a little extra SEO mojo.

Getting a Site Build for You

If you have a specific niche in mind you can also have someone build a site for you. You can hop onto Fiverr or Upwork and hire a keyword researcher to research the best low hanging fruit keywords to be turned into blog posts. Then you can hire a writer to actually write the content for you.

Let me tell you, if you want quality, it’s not going to come cheap. And even in you pay top $, you may find that the quality is not what you expected. It’s a lot of managing moving pieces.

Then there is the option of using Human Proof Designs for this as well. They offer Ready Made Niche Sites and Custom Made Niche Sites. Browse the Ready Made sites and see if there is one topic that is to your liking and you can order from 3 different tiers.

If you are looking for a little leg-up the basic plan will be fine for you. If you want to make sure that you have a little more content or even have a lead magnet, opt for the standard or the premium package. Once you have ordered the site it will be created for you. It takes about 2 weeks to a month until you get the finished product.

Want to see a site like that in action, check out WifionTour.com (I ordered this in 2017 and have since changed the theme to make it more me)

After You Buy

The main thing that you need to do after you buy a website, after you have inserted your affiliate links, is to keep adding quality content to the website targeting new keywords and to keep promoting the posts and the website.

You’ll want to make sure that you put up at least one article per week.

Plus you will want to start building back links. I never got this far, as the technicalities around back links made it too difficult for me. But I did have HPD build some back links for me, as part of the website pack that I bought.

Human Proof Designs is a full service bureau at this point that can take all the creation out of your hands, or just the bits that you have difficulties with. If you can’t write consistently a monthly article subscription might be the ticket for you. When link building or keyword research is not your strong suit, you can outsource it to them as well.

I personally used them to build my site in 2017 and had them adding content on a monthly basis. Sadly the topic wasn’t quite for me, so I found it difficult to keep adding to the site when I could no longer afford to buy monthly articles.

But I did love the experience with HPD. They were incredibly helpful and kept me posted during the progress of building my site and creating my content. If I’d had the funds, I would have definitely asked them to start building back links for me and let them continuously create content.

My point here is this, if you want to buy a website, you totally can. If you have the money, I highly recommend buying an aged site, because you can earn back your investment a lot faster. Then have HPD also continuously add articles to your site and build some back links.

Of course you should start writing too, so be sure that the site you choose is about a topic that you know something about or you wouldn’t mind researching. After publishing posts, you should promote them everywhere to help get traffic to your site and bring in those sales.


I’m curious, are you thinking about buying a site or will you be building your niche site from the ground up yourself? Let me know in the comments.