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Are you looking to supplement your income and possibly even replace it? In this group we help each other move forward in our online businesses.

Help each other with tips, comments and feedback. See us as your sounding board and feel free to ask any question you may have in regards to creating your ideal side job.

This group is free and to keep it free there will be a daily “sponsor of the day”. No other selling or affiliate linking allowed. Only helping and supporting each other. To become sponsor of the day, click here.

If you break the rules, you’re out. No exceptions. No discussions.

What you get inside the group

  • Tips to grow your business
  • Advise on the best tools to use to efficiently grow your business
  • A growing community to give you feedback
  • A safe place to ask all your online business related questions.
  • Free reports and case studies added regularly to the group
  • Regular commenting pods to get comments on your posts
  • Freebie Friday’s
  • Regular Hot Seats, where a member’s website will be getting critiqued live.

Some Free Mini Reports coming to the group soon

  • $24,975 from a course without selling to clients
  • Cashing in on the webinar craze without doing webinars
  • Earn $1,000 a month from an outsourcer
  • Over $4,000 for just 1 days work
  • Setup your continuity in 1 day
  • The Basics Myth by Tony Shepherd
  • Why you’re not making much money online
  • The single most important change
  • Ignore your market
  • 7 Steps Sales Template by Tony Shepherd

Join the Free Best Side Job Facebook Group, here.


There are a few basic rules that apply to any one that is part of the group. If you break them, you get the boot. It’s that simple.

  1. Provide value first.
    Strive to help others when ever you can before asking for help. Always try to give more than you take.
  2. Be kind, be helpful and be respectful
    There is no negativity allowed in this group. Debates are natural and welcomed, but be respectful of other people (and their views). Hate speech or bullying will not be tolerated, neither will whining and ranting.
  3. Respect people’s privacy.
    Don’t randomly DM people from the group, friend request them or add them to other groups without prior consent.
  4. Participate
    This group is only as good as you make it. So engage. Welcome new members, answer question, give feedback and have fun.
  5. Stay on Topic
    Don’t stray from the topic, don’t steer a comment towards politics or religion or anything else that has nothing to do with the original posts.
  6. No Promotion (AT ALL)
    There will be no shameless or veiled self-promotion. There are themed posts where you are asked to post your freebies, your links or posts, but refrain from posting anything like that out side of the prompted posts. So no sales pages, no blog posts, no asking for people to PM you for more information and no sharing
    anything from your personal profile or page.
  7. When in Doubt
    If in doubt, feel free to PM a moderator and ask if it’s ok to post, but usually when you’re not sure it probably won’t be.If you really want to promote something to the group you can become sponsor of the day.
  8. No uploading
    You cannot upload any files or video’s to the group. You are welcome to upload pictures/images.
  9. Your posts may be used for marketing purposes
    Your comments and/or posts within this group may be featured in our marketing materials. This includes but is not limited to our social channels, website and in print.



Join the Free Best Side Job Facebook Group, here.


Sponsor of the Day

Anyone, can become sponsor of the day in our group. Running a group and creating the free resources is time consuming and in order to keep it free for you (and in order to keep it from becoming a pitch fest) we offer one post per day as sponsor of the day.

This post will be pinned to the top of the page and stay there for 24 hours. After 24 hours the post will be deleted from the group.

You can be a sponsor as many days a month as you wish. You can get 1 day or 5 days or even 30 days. The cost to be a sponsor of the day will be $50.

Check for availability here.

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