What is affiliate marketing and how do you actually make money with it?

What is affiliate marketing and how do you actually make money with it?

It seems like everyone and their mother are making money as affiliate marketeers. Some call themselves travel bloggers, others mommy bloggers. You will see titles as content marketeers and straight up affiliate marketeers, but all of them have one thing in common. A large portion of their online income is coming from affiliate marketing.

But what is affiliate marketing and how do you actually make money with it?

I’ll try to break it down as simple as possible.

All these people are really sales people for one or more companies they are affiliated with and earn commissions if they sell something.

So step by step this is what happens.

Step 1 – Product
The Affiliate starts when he/she has found a product that they want to promote.

For this example we will use the mommy blogger that has the newest and best stroller (in her opinion) and she finds out this stroller can be bought online and that the website in question have an affiliate program. So she signs up.

Step 2 – Review/Article
Next the blogger/marketeer creates content to let everyone know how much she loves this particular stroller. She writes an extensive review, maybe creates a video about it too and somewhere in the text she will put her affiliate link.

Step 3 – Promote
Then the blogger will start to promote so that you will actually find the article. You may land on her page about the stroller through Google Search or through Pinterest.

Step 4 – Visitors
When a visitor lands on the review page and ends up clicking the affiliate link to check out the promoted product, they are taken to the website of the store that sells it. Where they can look at the stroller in more detail, see how much it is and what other products the company offers.

Step 5 – Purchase
Then the visitor buy and the mommy blogger does a happy dance. Because this is (for most affiliate programs) when the blogger gets paid. In most cases even if the visitor bought another product, the affiliate still gets paid.
This means a certain percentage of the total purchase price.

The affiliate commission can range from any where between 2% and 75% depending on what you are promoting.
So if the stroller costs $100 and the mommy blogger gets a 20% commission, this means that she will get paid $20 per stroller that is sold through her.

If you want a more visual representation of this explanation please see the image below that was created by Wealthy Affiliate’s co-owner Kyle.

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You can read all about the features in my article “10 Reasons Why I Love Wealthy Affiliate“.

Still not sure about all this, I recommend you read my article on the 3 reasons why running a niche site is the best side job ever.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Affiliate marketing is the way to go.  Anyone can make money online if they have the right tools and training.  You bring up Wealthy Affiliate.  Well they are second to none in the industry.  They are helping more people world wide earn money online than any other company out there.  I to am a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  Anyone reading this should not hesitate to get involved if you want to learn to earn online.

    1. So glad you have also found WA Dale! I hope it’s already gotten you some results. I wish you all the best with your niche sites for the future.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this informative post.We are having many affiliate marketing platform to make money but among them there is only one i can recommend to my friends.that platform is Wealthy Affiliate.With this platform people earn many by promoting other companies products depending on the niche chosen and get commission or by promoting Wealthy Affiliate product. 

    I like how the community communicate and help each other for a common goal” success”.

    1. So happy you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate Julienne. I wish you a lot of success with affiliate marketing and your niche sites.

  3. I’ve tried and tried to get my head around affiliate marketing and I’m often confused by the jargon most articles throw up…at least this one managed to cover everything in an easily digested way!

    What would you say is the hardest element of affiliate marketing? The topic you most struggled with when you were starting out with it?

    1. So happy you found it helpful Chris! 

      The hardest thing was and is to this day getting started and getting the ball truly rolling on a new website. Sometimes it happens quicker than others. So I find the starting fase to be taxing every time I build up something.

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